Simple ways students can make money on campus while studying

The cost of tertiary education has become more expensive and students tend to look for means of working while on campus to support their educational needs. Some students were smart enough to obtain some skills while in High School and these skills are making them good monies on campus today.

You might have already read on so many jobs or things you could do while in studying to earn some income to ease the burden of your sponsors. Below are additional jobs that other websites did not mention.

Campus Jobs for students to support University Education


Blogging requires no special skills aside sharing your thoughts on issues on your blog. You may decide to blog about a particular field that you have so much interest and knowledge on. You may also blog about campus lifestyle and have a news section to report on events happening on campus.

There are several advertising companies who are ready to advertise on blogs. With the help of social media and other channels available to reach students in your school, you would be able to have a residual income to support your education.


Apply for scholarships

Apply for all kinds of scholarships. Some scholarship schemes do not permit beneficiaries of other scholarships to apply. Look out for scholarships with no such restrictions. The additional funds you receive from these scholarships would reduce your financial burdens.

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Join Gearbest Affiliate or similar Programs

Joining the right affiliate programs can also help students make money while studying. One of the many affiliate programs available is Gearbest. sells almost everything one could think of; Apparel, Phones & Accessories, Computer & Office
Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Electrical & Tools, Watches & Jewelry, Home & Garden, Lights & Lighting, Bags & Shoe, Toys, Baby & Kids, Outdoors & Sports, Automobiles & Motorcycle, Health & Beauty.

Because Gearbest sells everything, whatever students want to order on campus can be found on Gearbest’s website They offer attractive coupons that aid affiliates in getting more people to buy from them. Gear Best also has other affiliate programs that one could make money just by reviewing their products or recommending them to others.

Look out for an online shop that’s very popular on campus. Check if the shop has affiliate program. If you don’t know of a particular online shop that’s very popular on campus, you can go ahead with Gear Best since they ship worldwide.

Help college applicants write their essays

Undergraduate applicants and even postgraduates, sometimes seek assistance in writing their essays and motivational letters. Master this act and provide these services to those who may stand in need.

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Sell old textbooks

If you keep buying new textbooks and no longer need the old ones, sell them. University students prefer to buy old textbooks to save monies than spending on new ones which have same content.

This means that you have to take good care of all your textbooks with the hope of selling them in the near future.

Freelance Writing

If you are good at writing, you can add freelance writing to blogging. There are loads of freelance writing jobs online that pay well. Get on Google and search for them. This helps you to work at your own convenient time while you make some cool money to support your university education.

Drive for Uber or other taxi service

Being Uber or taxi driver is getting popular recently on various campuses around the globe. Students use their free times to transport passengers. These transport services do not restrict you to work full-time. You only work when you want to.

Offer cleaning services

Take advantage of advertising channels available on campus to offer cleaning services. These cleaning services may extend to the city and have customers book you to clean their homes.